Penarth Darts Winter Season League results

AT the Ex’s Club the Pirates had their first big win of this season overcoming the Golden Lion by 9 points to 3.

Pirates took both Pairs and three out four singles with Paul 100 100 x20, 100 x16, Mark 100 x20, 100 140 x10, Sparkle 140 x20, 115 x2.

They also went on to take the team leg. The Lions points came only from the singles winning three points in total through Rob x16, 125,10, Chris x20, x16.

At the Station the home side went down by 8 points to 3 against the Coronation Club B side, Station took all of their three points in the singles with Jeff 125 x20, x16, Mike 120, 100 x10.

Coro B took both pairs and 5 singles through Lee 125 100 x20, 100 x20, Anthony x5, 100 x16, Russ x14, 100 100 with an 88 out shot finishing on x12, Coro followed on by winning the team leg.

The game between the Coronation Club A side and the Ex’s A (Sparrows) was called off and will be played at a later date TBC.

This Weeks 301 Double To Start Singles Competition Draw:

Coronation Club.

P Stowe.

N Rosser.

P Paterson.

P Wingren.

A Oliver.

G Duggan.

C Gregory.


M Stevens.

M Morse.

R Grant.

S Griffith.

J Frost.

K Pridham.

I Hartley.

Golden Lion

P Cox.

R Edwards.

D Hodges.

K Murdock.

Mark Quick.

L Lewis.


A Adams.

J Esseen.

R Taylor.

P Green.

P Colley.

Mike Quick.