Penarth Darts Winter Season League results

AT the Coronation Club it was a derby match between the home side Coro B and the away side Coro A.

It was to be the Coro A that took the lead early on which they managed to keep throughout the match taking one pairs point and 6 singles points then adding the team game to bring the final score to, Coro B 3, Coro A 8,

Dave took the one pairs point for the A side with 100 100 x16, Ian Buckley hit 100 100 also for the A side, B side took the other pairs with Anthony 100 x10.

Anthony went on to take the only singles points for the Coro b with 100 100 x20 and 100 100 100 x1.

Wins for the Coro A came from Les x16, x16, Dave x8 and 180 x2, Ian Buckley 100 x8 and x16, Dog took out the double 2 to take the team leg for the A side.

At the Ex’s Club the pirates took on the Station, Pirates won both pairs legs with Carwyn x2 and Mike x16, high scorers were Rob 109 and Mark Stevens 121.

Pirates took six singles points through Alan x18 and a 93 out shot finishing on x18, Mike 124 x10 and 100 x20, Mark Stevens 100, 140 x20, 140 x10.

All of the Station's points came from the singles through Rob x20 and x11, Paul x9, Peter x5, Mike took the team game for the pirates finishing on x8 taking his double tally to 4, final score Pirates 9, Station 4.

At the Golden Lion the home side took on the Ex’s A Sparrows, Sparrows took both pairs points with Steve x3 and Paul 140 x8.

Lion took four singles point with Richie 100 x10 and 118 out shot finishing on x20, Nathan x20 and Rob Beale x19.

Sparrows took 7 singles points with Paul x18, Steve x4 and 100 140 x16, Kevin 100 and a 100 out shot finishing on x20, and 125 100 x8, Jack 100 106 x8 and x20.

Sparrows also took the team game when Paul hit x8, Kevin did the spade work hitting 100 100, Nathan had a ton for the Lion.

This week's games:

Station v Lion.

Coro A v Pirates.

Sparrows v Coro B.