Penarth Darts winter season league results

At the Station the home side took on the visitors from the Golden Lion, a lot of legs ran close but it was to be the Lions night taking the match by 9 points to the Stations 4.

Lion started off by winning both pairs through Nathan 100 x9 and Rob x20, Jeff and Rob hit ton’s for the Station.

Station took 3 singles points with Peter x16 and 134 x1, and Rob 100 x14, Jeff also played well for the Station scoring 3 ton’s.

Lion took 7 singles points through Nathan 121 x10, Richie 125 x1 and x10, Rob 100 x10 and 100 x20, Sean x16 and 140 x16, Station went on to take the team leg when Rob hit x18.

At the Coronation Club the Coro A side took on the Pirates in a closely fought match resulting in the Pirates coming away with a 8-4 win.

Coro A won one pairs with Dave 140 and Ian x10, they then went on to take 3 singles points through Dai x1 with an 86 out shot finishing on Bull, then Ian 140 x4, 135, 139.

Pirates winners in the pairs were Mike x5 supported by Paul with 100, singles points came from Mark 100 100 x20, 123 120 x5, Paul x1 and 140 x9, James put in the best showing for the Pirates with 131 121, 135 100 x20 and100 x4.

Pirates took the team game when Sparkle hit 100 and Mark 100 x2.

This week's games: Coro B v Lion, Pirates v Sparrows, Station v Coro A.