ON 23rd November the club had its Presentation Night and the Ladies Club Champion for 2018 Lisa Ryley was presented with her trophy and a voucher.

Samantha Saunders won the Bronze Championship and Golfer of the Year was jointly won by Ruth Yates and Sue Bridle, 9 hole Golfer of the Year was Dorothy Amery.

On 6th November Turkey Trot 2 a 9 hole Stableford was held:- 1st Audrey Harwood 18pts, 2nd Ruth Yates 17pts, 3rd Terry Unwin 16pts.

On 13th November Turkey Trot 3 a 9 hole Medal:- 1st Ann Mahenthiralingam 41-6.5=34.5 nett, 2nd Ruth Yates 47-11.5=35.5,3rd Maxine Hird 46-10.5=35.5

On 20th November Turkey Trot 4 9 hole Stableford:- 1st Ruth Yates 19 pts, 2nd Sam Saunders 18pts, 3rd Maxine Hird 18pts.

On 4th December a successful Mulled Wine Turkey Trot 6 a 9 hole Stableford was held:- 1st Samantha Saunders 19pts, 2nd Rhian Thomas 18pts, 3rd Maxine Hird 15pts on back 3 from Annie Blackburn. Visitors Results 1st Rita Howells 21pts, 2nd Gil Evans 20pts, 3rd Alison Greig 19pts on back 6 from Kath Hobbs 19pts.

Nearest the Pin on 18th hole was Maria Woods. So pleased that everyone enjoyed the golf and the Mulled Wine and mince pies.

On 11th December a 9 hole Texas Scramble:- 1st Ann Mahenthiralingam, Sian Smith, Annie Blackburn 37-4.33=32.67, 2nd Sue Bridle, Samantha Saunders, Maxine Hird 38-4.92=33.08

3rd Ruth Yates, Audrey Harwood 42-6.13=35.87.

Eclectic Results from 16th October to 4th December:- 1st Lisa Ryley 34-3.75=30.25, 2nd Maxine Hird 37-5.25=31.75, 3rd Samantha Saunders 38-5.25=32.75

Congratulations to all ladies and a big thank you to Annie Blackburn who has just retired from the office of competitions secretary after nine years and can now look forward to just playing golf.