Penarth Darts round-up

THIS week in Penarth Darts we saw the Golden Lion return to winning ways away to the Station by 7 points to the Stations 4.

Peter took the first of the Stations points on x2, Lion hit back with Nathan 100 and Rob 100 x10, High scorers were Miles 100 and Richie 125, Lion took 6 singles points with Richie 100 x16 and 100 x2, Rob x8 and x20, Nathan x20 and x20,.

Station lone singles winner was Jeff scoring x10 and 140 x16, Jeff went on to take the team game with 100 100 x20, final score Station 4, Lion 7.

At the Coronation Club the home side (Coro A) took on the current league leaders the Pirates.

Admittedly the Pirates did not field their best side, however that said the Coro A took their opportunities when they came to take a 7 points to 5 win.

Pirates took the first pairs with Carwyn 123, 121 and Mark 100 x20, Ian Buckley hit back for the Coro a with 100 x16.

Coro took 6 singles points with Ian 100 x1, 126 x19, Davie x19, 100 x16, Ian Buckley 100 x2, 100 100 x6.

Singles points for the Pirates came from Carwyn 140 x10, Mark 100 100 x20, 100 x15. High scores came from Dog 125, Kellan 140, Sparkle 134 and a maximum 180, Pirates went on to take the team leg with Mark 100, Sparkle 118 and Carwyn x20.

At the Ex’s Club the home side were engaged in a high scoring match containing 28 scores of a ton and over with the Coro B side, Pairs were shared with the Ex’s taking the first with Elvis 135, 100 and Paul x9, Anthony hit back for the Coro B with 125 and a maximum 180 x16.

Ex’s took 5 singles points through Elvis 140 137 x2 and 100 x8, Steve 123 x8 and 100, Paul 140 x1 and 135 x9, Coro B took 4 singles points through Paul 140 139, 100 x9, 100 100 x15, Anthony 140 x8, 100 100 x16, high scorers were Jack 121, Lee 100 140, 100 100, Russ 100.

Ex’s took the team game with Elvis 100, Paul 121 100 and John x16, Final score Ex’s 7, Coro B 5.

All games for this Friday are cancelled.