THIS week in Penarth darts we saw another round of high scoring matches culminating in another two maximum 180s being scored.

At The Coro Club the Coro B side and the Station notched up a total of 26 tons and overs including a maximum 180.

Coro B took both pairs legs with Anthony 100 and Paul x4 taking the first, with Russ 100 100 Lee x10 taking the second.

Coro B took 6 singles points through Lee 100 105, 100 100 140 x4, 140 x16. Anthony 100 100 x16, 100 and a maximum 180, x8. Russ 120 x20 and 100 x1.

Stations singles wins came from Paul 100 x16. Miles 100 100, 100 x2, 100 140. Jeff 100 x4 and x20.

Coro B took the team leg with Anthony 125 and x4. Final score Coro B 9 Station 4.

At the Ex’s Club it looked like the Sparrows were going to dominate things early on, however the Coro A had other ideas and taking five late points to end the match with the Sparrows winning by 8 points to 5.

Sparrows won both pairs with John x16 and Roy x10. Sparrows took 6 singles points through Kevin 140 140 x20 and 100 100 x4, Paul Stowe x2 and 140 x10.

Paul Wingren 100 x1 and a maximum 180. John 101 125 x16 and 100 x16.

Wins for the Coro A came from Davie x2, 100 100, 100 x9. Ian Buckley 121 100 x16, 140, x7. Ian Hit 100 135 for the Coro A.

Sparrows went on to score well in the team leg with Kevin 100 and Paul Stowe 125 100 however the Coro A managed to take the point with Dog hit a cracking 165 and Ian Buckley wrapping things up on x11.

This week's three a side competition:

Coronation Board

P Wingren, J Nowland, J Frost.

S Turnbull, K Murdock, R Murdock.

P Colley, M Wilton, A Vowles.

I Hartley, D Hodges, D Jeynes.

Ex’s Board

P Cox, A Adams, L Lewis.

P Paterson, J Esseen, P Ayres.

R Edwards, N Thomas, K Pridham.

R Taylor, R Grant, N Rosser.

A Oliver, P Green, M Williams.

P Pts

Sparrows 12 93

Coro B 12 85

Pirates 10 78

Coro A 13 76

Lion 12 66

Station 13 49