THIS week in Penarth darts with only one week of league action remaining (plus competitions and finals) we saw the Ex’s A (Sparrows) consolidate their position at the top of the table with an 11 point to 2 win at home to the Golden Lion. Sparrows took both pairs legs with Paul Wingren x16 and John x18 (Kev 121).

In the singles Sparrows took 8 more points through Kevin 100 x16 140 x16 Paul Wingren 140 119 x5 and 119 119 119 with an 84 out shot finishing on x12 (14 dart leg) John 140 x20 x16 Paul Stowe 125 x2 140 x10.

Singles winners for the Lion were Richie 140 x10 and Rob Grant with a 98 out shot finishing on x19.

The team leg also went the Sparrows way with John 100 and Kevin hitting double top to finish things off.

At the Coronation Club the Coro A took on the Coro B in another closely fought match with the Coro B coming out on top by 9 points to 4.

Both pairs went to the Coro B with Paul x10 and Russ x20 Neil hit 105.

In the singles the Coro A took legs with Dai x20 Les 100 x10 and 100 Ian 140 x8 and 121 x16.

Coro B took 6 singles legs through Neil 100 100 x9 104 x1 Russ x10 100 100 x2 Maurice 100 x1 140 x5 Paul hit 121. Maurice hit 100 and Neil x20 for the Coro B to take the team leg.

Teams are reminded the 501 singles will be played 10th May and the 501 pairs on the 24th May, finals night are as the fixtures, week one 31st May week two 07th June.