IT was early season agony for the Windsor Men’s PG1 team as they lost by just one shot to Llantrisant.

There were rink wins for Flitney, Rees, Stevens and McLeod by 24 to 18 and for Follon, Palfrey, Hope and Hudson by 20 to 19.

Sadly two rinks went down namely Matthews, Thorne, Turnball and Woodcock M. 20 to 22 and for Ellard, Gooding, Paterson and Carlisle by 13 shots to 19.

For the PG2 team, there was disappointment at St Fagans.

It was a close fought game but the Penarth men came up just 5 shots adrift at the end of the match.

Unfortunately, there was only one winning rink that of skip Derek Davies with Ellis, Daniel and Lewis C. by 27 to 20.

The losers on the day were Peregrine, Rogers, Hardess and Coleman 14 to 20. Davies A,.Woodcock A., Cucciniello and Latham 18 to 19 and Johnson, Morrish, Hales and Howells by 13 to 18.

There are no matches for next weekend as the Men enjoy a sober week on tour in Torquay, resisting the temptation of the hotel’s free bar every evening as they concentrate instead on the importance of the bowls matches.