This week's 501 Singles Competition Results

In Penarth Darts League this week we played the much awaited 501 singles competition across 4 venues return 2 winners from each.

At the Golden Lion Richie Taylor got the better of Paul Paterson scoring 100 x11 and 123 x8 and in the other half of the draw Roy Murdock 121 125 100 lost out to John Nowland 100 125 x20 and 125 100 x10, in the board semi final Peter Colley lost out to John Nowland scoring 100 100 x4 and 125 100 x4.

Both John and Richie go through to the last eight.

At the Station Board Lee Lewis won against Kate Pridham scoring 140 100 x10 and 118 x2.

Jack Frost 118 x20 100 lost out to Rob Grant x16 123 x9 and Rob Beale lost out to Steve Turnbull 100 114 x18 x16.

In the board semi finals Paul Cox hit 122 but was beaten by Lee Lewis scoring 140 x16 and 100 x4.

In the other Board semi final Steve Turnbull 100 x1 went out to Rob Grant 100 x10 and 100 x10 Rob and Lee are through to the last eight.

At the Coronation Club Neil Thomas lost out to Nathan Rosser 140 134 x2 and 100 x10 Mark Williams 137 116 x1 lost out to Mark Stevens 140 x4 100 and 100 x16.

In the Board semi finals Nathan Rosser lost to Paul Stowe 140 100 x4 100 x8

Mark Stevens 100 100 and 100 lost out to Alan Oliver 140 x10 and 140 140 100 x2.

Paul and Alan are now through to the last eight.

At the Ex’s Paul Wingren got the better of Ian Hartley with Paul scoring 100 x8 and 100 x6.

In the Board semi finals Russ Edwards lost out to Anthony Adams Russ hit 177 Anthony 123 140 x8 and 100 120 x4.

In the other board semi final Paul Wingren hit 100 100 x18 and 100 but Kevin Murdock won through with scores of 116 140 x10 121 and 140 140 x10 Anthony and Kevin are through to the last eight.

Teams please remember all outstanding games must be played by the end of next week to finalise the League placings.

The 501 pairs competition will be played Friday 24th May followed by the league finals held at the Cogan Coronation Club on the Friday 31st of May and Friday 07th of June.