MURCH Bowling Club opened the season on April 13th on a warm sunny day and eager anticipation of members for it to continue throughout the season.

Club president Cynthia Russell welcomed members and visitors, hopefully future players, to enjoy the afternoon and opened the rinks with the usual ‘Spider’ competition which was won by David Letts.

The visitors were included in the playing rinks with playing members so that they could fully experience the rules and subtleties of the game, as well as the fun.

The winning rink was skipped by Jeff Harrison and after 15 ends everyone retired to the club house for the buffet and evening entertainment.

Murch Ladies lost their first two games of the season; Windsor on 29th April in the Evening League 30 to 39 shots followed by the home game with Cardiff in the Double Rink competition on the 7th May with a closer game on both rinks and a score of 25 shots to Cardiff’s 29.

However the Evening League players redeemed themselves against Rumney Gardens at home on the 9th May with both rinks winning conclusively. Rink 1 players were L. Sandercott, G. Hughes, S. Mauchline and M. Clake (skip). Rink 2 were K. Macleod, P. Ayres, E. Carryer and C. Tranter (skip). Final score was Murch 50 Rumney Gardens 24.

This week’s matches were Evening League, Murch v Mackintosh on the 13th May. Both rinks won comfortably, Rink 1 skipped by C.

Tranter, followed by A. Orchard (Captain), S. Blainey and E. Carryer won 22 – 8 shots. Rink 2 skipped by M. Clake, L. Sandercott, G. Hughes and S. Mauchline, won 26 – 12 shots. Final score Murch 48 – Mackintosh 20.

In the Double Rink, Murch v Barry Central, Away, saw Murch have their second win on the 14th May, both rinks enjoying comfortable wins. Rink 1 players were: C. Russell, A. Allen, C. Real, A. Orchard (skip and Captain) won 20 -11. Rink 2 players L. Sandercott, L. Williams, K. Macleod, P. Ayres (skip) won 21 – 12. Final score Murch 41 Barry Central 23 shots.

In the first of the matches for the Afternoon League, Murch ladies met Llantwit Major away on the 16th May and lost on two of the three rinks.

The winning rink was Rink 2, G. Hughes, A. Croom, P. Ayres and S. Mauchline (skip), score 21 – 13.

The remaining 2 rinks lost heavily, giving their opposition a comfortable win by 26 shots. Final score: Murch 37 Llantwit Major 63.