IT’S not very often that Windsor men manage to win their Alliance, Munro Cup and PG2 matches in the same week but this week, they did it!

For the Alliance team, it was sweet revenge against their friends from Rectory Road, having lost to them in the previous week’s Munro Cup game.

A win was achieved by 10 shots. Armstrong, Ellis, King and D.Lewis 16-11. Mathias, Brenton, Rogers and Williams 19-10. A.Davies, Peregrine, L.Davies and Howells 14-21.

Dacey (who wildly celebrated his first win), Johnson, Morris and Latham 14-11.

The Munro Cup team achieved a comfortable win at home to Millwood by 14 shots. Follon, Johnson, Williams and Carlisle 17-11. Matthews, A. Davies , C. Lewis and Rees 6-17. Ellard, Peregrine, Hales and Latham 25-11. Evans, Ellis, Morrish and Cucciniello 19-14.

Having been at the wrong end of a double last season, the PG2 team travelled to Rhiwbina and, despite the absence of two of their regular skips, pulled off a superb victory by 5 shots.

Leading the charge were Armstrong, Rogers (who played a major role in the match), Morrish and Howells 17-13. Peregrine, A Davies, A. Woodcock., and Cucciniello 22/17. Ellis, Morris, Hales and Latham 16-16. White, Huntley, L. Davies and Coleman 16-20.

The only disappointment in the week was for the PG1 team away in the Carruthers match at Loughor.

On a day which, for several reasons, was not enjoyed by the team, they suffered a loss by 9 shots.

There were rink defeats for skips McLeod, Hudson and Stevens together with a superb rink victory for Follon, Williams, Rees and Carlisle by 26 shots to 12.