PENARTH Allstars Netball Club ended an extremely successful season with impressive performances at the National Club finals tournament held in Bangor.

Penarth Allstars U14 won Cardiff & Vale Junior League, they were runners-up at Cardiff & Vale Regional Finals, qualifying for National Clubs.

Which saw them play against the top 16 teams in Wales.

With tough competition on the day there was outstanding play from the team.

They fought hard all day dropping only one game to finish as runners-up ranking them second in Wales

Head coach Lisa Birchall said: "I am immensely proud of my players. They have played so well all season and thoroughly deserve such impressive results and success."

The U14s were Emma Johns, Lola Evans, Annie Isherwood, Maisie Lake, Megan Skone, Mia Gibbs, Issy Morris, Chalise Colderley, Anna Miles & Nia Jones.

Penarth Allstars U12s also won Cardiff & Vale Junior League.

They are the Cardiff & Vale Regionals Champs, qualifying for National Clubs, again playing the top 16 in Wales.

There was a superb effort from the team who maintained an excellent level of play throughout the day, securing 5th place in Wales.

The U12s were Amiah Friday, Isabella Chowdary, Josie Isherwood, Holly Korinek, Otis Colderley, Alexa Tyso, Freya Hunt, Gaby Morris, Phoebe Sutcliffe-Hill & Mia Hall.

Penarth Allstars U11s won the Cardiff and Vale League. The U11s have been fantastic all season, which is very exciting for the future of the club.

The U11s are Amelie Sullivan, Amaia Green, Ffion Lloyd, Violet Evans, Cara Griffiths, Tallulah Carbonnaux, Otis Colderley, Lily Ware, Lily-Rose Mattinson, Daisy-Mai Sing, Eliyah Duckers

The club are extremely grateful to their sponsors, and would like to give a huge thank you to Chandler KBS for national club hoodies, for U12 kit sponsorship, Kits n Bits for U14 kit (hoodies) and Refresh Skin Studio for Penarth Seniors.

Thank you for giving back to the community. All squads look incredibly smart in their new kit.