THE Penarth Darts League summer singles special kicked off last week at two venues in Cogan, the first being the Cogan Coronation Club (Pool A) and the second the Station (Top House Pool B).

Both boards have eight players on each with all players competing to gain a top four place before the pools are merged with the top eight points winners selected for one pool and the bottom eight points scoring players selected for the other pool.

Trophies will be provided for the top 3 players from each pool as per last season.

So far with two weeks of play Ian Buckley leads the pack in pool A with eight points.

Ian had an 110 out shot this week finishing on x16 along with14 tons and overs.

He is followed closely by Ian Hartley, 5 points with a 17 dart leg 7 tons and overs then Jack Frost also on 5 points 82 out on the bull and 8 tons and overs.

Rob Grant has four points and 3 tons and overs, Rob Beale has 2 points plus 3 tons and overs Chris Bunce has 1point plus 4 tons and overs, Sean Griffiths (118) has 1 point, Melvin Horwood has 1 point.

In Pool B we have had some players away on holiday.

However with the two weeks of play we have managed so far Dave Hodges leads the pack with 5 points and 8 tons and overs followed by Peter Coley with 4 points and 2 tons and overs Jeff Esseen with 3 points (100) L Hoogstadt with 2 points (100) and Paul Paterson currently on 1 point with 2 tons and a 140.