THIS year's Welsh Kyokushinkai Karate junior camp was held for the fourth year running at Amelia Trust Farm.

The weekend camp event was well attended, with 64 students from around Wales and one club visitor from Birmingham.

The Cogan club that train at Penarth Leisure Centre took around 25 students to take part at this training and grading weekend.

Very proud of everyone attending, lots of achievements for our club!

A special mention to Esme Lees who achieved her 1st Dan junior black belt after six and a half years of hard training, well done!

And a group of 7, known as the "Cogan Karate Gang" all achieved brown belts with a black stripe at the course.

Looking forward to next year when they could all be eligible for black belt!

For more information on joining our club visit @welshkaratekyokushinkaikarate on Facebook, visit the full time Dojo at Penarth Leisure Centre or call Shihan Lee Costa 07974 972479.