EVENING League: Murch v Penylan – 15th July

The second meeting with the Cardiff club brought success for the Murch, playing home, on both rinks.

C. Tranter’s rink of K. Macleod, G. Hughes and E. Carryer won21-15. M. Clake’s rink of L. Sandercott, A. Croom and S. Mauchline won 18-12.

The quality of bowling on both rinks being of a high standard by both teams.

However, the overall score was Murch 39, Penylan 27, a comfortable margin of 12 shots to start the week.

Double Rink: Murch v Llantrisant – 16th July

Entertaining the Vale club at home in this first meeting in this league, each club won a rink. Rink 1 team skipped by S. Blainey with S. Mauchline, C. Tranter and E. Carryer won with a 27-4 shot score while Rink 2 skipped by P. Ayres with L. Sandercott, A. Allen and K. Macleod lost 9-16 shots.

Murch ladies won overall by 16 shots, the overall score being Murch 36, Llantrisant 20.

Afternoon League: Murch v Cowbridge 18th July

Cowbridge, playing home, had the usual advantage of their all weather surface to secure a win on all 3 rinks.

Rink1 skipped by C. Tranter, supported by J. Evered, A. Croom and K. Macleod managed to concede only a 3 shot loss, 13-16 while the other two rinks lost by 13 shots and 9 shots giving Cowbridge a comfortable overall win of 54-29, but an enjoyable game nevertheless.