Murch Bowling Club – Ladies Section results

UNFORTUNATELY the Double Rink game against Millwood, Barry on the 23rd was cancelled because of the extreme heat, with the match points shared.

While the afternoon league match against Penarth Rectory Road on the 25th was postponed, again because of the heat, until August.

The Evening League fixture on the 24th July against Fairwater was played at the Cardiff Club’s green with success on both rinks for the Murch. A comfortable win for skip C. Tranter, K. Macleod, G. Hughes and E. Carryer 23-9 and a more keenly contested win for skip S. Mauchline, L. Sandercott, A. Croom and P. Ayres 15-14. A 15 shot margin for Murch 38 – Fairwater 23.

Friday the 26th July Murch entertained our local immediate neighbours, Dinas Powys Bowling Club in this mixed players annual event. It is the most eagerly anticipated friendly match of the season as we compete for the ‘Challenge Trophy’ donated by the local firm ‘Happy Embroidery’. Over the years this match has become a ‘local derby’ and the trophy has changed hands a few times with much pride. The Dinas Powys players have enjoyed the most wins.

This year, Murch bowlers delivered a resounding victory winning 3 out of 4 rinks with Murch rink 4, skipped by C. Tranter, supported by D. Perkins, E. Carryer and J. Allen winning against their opposition of R. Diment, J. Fallen and skip N. Giles with an excellent score of 30 shots to 6. The scores on the other 3 rinks were close as games were keenly contested.

The winning rink for the Dinas Powys bowlers were N. Williams, P. Hanley, J. Meddins and H. Meddins skip; score was 11-15. The overall score was Murch 71 shots Dinas Powys 45 shots.

At close of play, the club house provided further banter, mirth and merriment as an excellent buffet was enjoyed by all and Murch accepted the trophy with delight.

Both Captains, C. Tranter and M. Seaford expressed their appreciation of yet another enjoyable encounter and expressed the wish for the fixture to continue for many years in to the future.