ALL three matches were in the Afternoon League.

The first against Rectory Road, which was a re-arranged game against our neighbouring Penarth Club and played on our home green on the 12th August.

Murch won 2 out of the three rinks with Rink 2, skipped by S. Mauchline, supported by C. Real, A. Orchard & P. Ayres, ensuring a win with a 12 shot margin, 22-10.

Rink 3 managed to hold on to a 1 shot lead after a very keenly contested game 13-12. Rink 1 succumbed eventually to their opposition losing by 26 shots to 10, bringing the overall score to March 45, Rectory Road 48.

Murch v Millwood on 15th August was a regular fixture with Murch ladies playing away and winning 2 of the 3 rinks.

Rink 1 skipped by M. Clake and players S. Blainey, A. Croom and C. Real achieved a comfortable win of 18-10 while Rink 3 skip E. Carryer, J. Evered, C. Hougardy and A. Orchard also achieved a comfortable win of 26-19. Unfortunately Rink 2 narrowly lost 14-17 after a very keenly contested game.

The overall score gave Murch a winning margin of 12 shots, Murch 58, Millwood 46.

In the last fixture of this league Murch entertained Windsor at home on 22nd August losing 2 of the 3 rinks.

The winning rink was skip C. Tranter, Players Avril Allen, S. Blainey and K. Macleod managing to hold their opposition with 16 – 13 shot win. Rink 3 under skip M. Clake supported by C. Hougardy, A. Croom and E. Carryer played strongly but lost by 1 shot,16-17 while Rink 2 could not hold their opposition and lost heavily 7 – 18 shots, giving Windsor a nine shot comfortable with of 48 shots to 39.