DINAS Powis Golf Club Ladies section results.

On 6th August the Woodland Bowl 18 hole Par competition was held;- 1st Ann Mahenthiralingam –1; 2nd Lisa Ryley –2; 3rd Maxine Hird-3.

On 6th August a 9 hole Stableford:- 1st Rhian Thomas; 2nd Angela Brown; 3rd Dot Amery.

On 13th August the 18 hole Daily Mail Foursomes:-1st Sue Bridle & Lisa Ryley 32pts; 2nd Maxine Hird & Sam Saunders 30pts; 3rd Audrey Harwood & Sharon Jesson 30pts.

On 13th August a 9 hole Stableford:- 1st Rhian Thomas 17pts; 2nd Angela Brown 17pts; 3rd Terry Unwin.

On 20th August an 18 hole Medal 8:- 1st Carolyn Jones 89 – 14 = 75; 2nd Angela Brown 102 – 26 = 76; 3rd Audrey Harwood 105 – 27 = 78.

On 20th August a 9 hole Stableford: 1st Rhian Thomas; 2nd Sharon Jesson; 3rd Terry Unwin.

On 27th August an 18 hole Stableford:- 1st Sue Bridle 35pts; 2nd Angela Brown 31pts; 3rd Ann Mahenthiralingam 31pts.

On 27th August a 9 hole Stableford:- 1st Teryy Unwin; 2nd Sharon Jesson

On 26th August the Gwyn Nicholls Cup an 18 Hole Mixed Foursomes was played:- 1st Maxine & Richard Hird 66 nett; 2nd Sue & John Bridle 70 nett; 3rd Ruth & Steve Yates 76 nett.