By Tony Campbell

A DIFFICULT decision in bridge is if and when to sacrifice. Such a hand turned up last week against me.

My partner North pre-empted with 3 hearts.

With a good 16 count and two heart honours I raised to 4 hearts, which makes, losing the ace of diamonds and two clubs. Unfortunately for me West, who was playing with one of our internationals, wisely decided to sacrifice in 4 spades.

At least, we made the right decision not to go to 5 spades, which goes one off. My partner, North, led the K of hearts.

To avoid confusion, I overtook with the Ace, and played the ace and another spade, to prevent declarer ruffing in dummy.

This would have allowed her to make the contract. As it was, we got 4 spades one off, winning one spade, two hearts, and two diamonds.

This was a good result for East/West, as few other East’s risked the sacrifice. Well bid!

Weekly results at Penarth Bridge Club

Tuesday 4th February 2020. 1st Pat Sullivan & Hugh Simmons (61.1%); 2nd Martin Thomas & Val Hetheridge (60.4%); 3rd Anne Williams & Avril Collins (56.9%). 1st on handicap: Martin Thomas & Val Hetheridge. Thursday 6th February 2020. 1st N/S Chris Davies & Mary Cartright (59.2%); 1st E/W Sue and Dennis Patrick (65.0%). Friday 7th February 2020. 1st Clwyd Jones & TrishTracey (69.5%); 2nd Tim Barsby & Peter Millar (58.5%); 3rd Judy Collins & Francine Douglas (50.5%). Handicap Clwyd Jones & TrishTracey.

Penarth Bridge Club is a warm and friendly club that meets every Tuesday and Friday at Trinity Church Hall, Woodland Place, CF64 3EN. There is plenty of parking. We ask players to be in their seats by 6.45 pm, so that we can set the movement for a prompt start at 7 pm.

A machine deals the boards, so you can have a print out of all the hands at the end of the play.

You can see each hand, compared with the results, on the web site There is also an improvers’ session every Thursday morning starting at 10 am.

We have several social events during the year, linked to bridge. Contact Professor Tony Campbell or see the web site for further information. Table up.