By Simone Ballett

ON Sunday 30th May the South Wales Bowls and Recreation Centre-Petanque Section (SWBRC-PS) Sully hosted the Welsh Petanque Association (WPA) annual National Women’s Doubles competition.

This was the first National Women’s Doubles event hosted in Sully, with teams from South Wales representing Pontyclun PC, Monkstone PC (Cardiff) and Wheatsheaf PC (Gwent).

The spectators were in for a treat, with wonderful weather and unbeatable views of Sully Island, Steep Holm and Flat Holm.

Three ranking rounds were played in the morning, before a break for lunch and the knockout rounds taking place in the afternoon.

The semi-finals were intensely fought between Gail Brooksbank and Linda Hutchinson, Wheatsheaf PC (Gwent) and Simone Ballett and Sonia Ford, SWBRC-PS, Sully.

The other semi-finalists were Julie Bailley, SWBRC-PS, Sully and Jayne Dunn Monkstone PC and Linda Thomas and Sue Roberts, SWBRC-PS, Sully.

Simone and Sonia took an early lead and were way ahead of their opponents with only 1 point to go to claim the win.

Gail and Linda fought back, climbing up the scoreboard to win the match at 13-12 and progress to the finals.

The other semi-finalists, Linda and Sue against Julie and Jayne, fought hard against some very accurate shooting, which gave Julie and Jayne the final winning score of 13-7.

The final was a battle between team Julie and Jayne and team Linda and Gail, who after taking an early lead, were overtaken by their opponents with a close score of 13-10.

Congratulations to Julie Bailey and Jayne Dunn, worthy champions of this year’s National Women’s Doubles competition.

A thoroughly exciting day for both participants and spectators.