A PENARTH skittle team celebrated its 50th anniversary this month with a friendly match against the Cefn Mably Pub.

The Cavalier Skittle team celebrated its anniversary on Wednesday, December 20, with the Penarth pub despite the Cefn Mably team beating them in the league.

Paul Fenton of the Cavaliers told the Penarth Times that he is proud to be part of the celebrations.

He said: “I am delighted to be part of the celebration as I only joined the Skittle team two years ago. The Cavaliers made me feel welcome.

"The fact that the team is playing 50 years later is phenomenal, Malcolm in the photograph was one of the founding members of the Cavaliers and I think it's incredible he is still playing Skittles.

“The Cefn Mably made us feel welcome and we went back up there to skittle, and the actual team is part of the league in which they beat us.”

The Cavaliers returned to Cefn Mably on Wednesday evening for a friendly match to commemorate their 50th anniversary.

The team got their revenge for being beaten in the league with a win over Cefn Mably and obtained the Cefn Mably Cup.

He added: “The friendly was to commemorate our 50th anniversary together with them as they get started in the skittle world. I want to congratulate them for looking after us so well.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, the club lost players during Covid as people were put off by socialising.

Now three years later it has had a declining effect on the sport with most clubs struggling to find new members.

Mr Fenton now wants to promote the game for the younger generation to show that all ages can play skittles.

He added: “The members of the Cefn Mably are quite younger and you know once they started playing they really enjoyed it.

“It was really good and we are trying to promote people playing as it’s a great social activity, especially in the winter when nights are dark and you can have a good time and enjoy yourself.”