In an unprecedented turn of events, the top ladies' teams of Glamorganshire Golf Club are set to face each other in the 2024 Division 2 competition.

The competition is for the Glamorgan and Monmouthshire Ladies County Golf League.

This clash comes after the second team's promotion last year put them in the same division as the first team.

2023 was a landmark year for the club's ladies, as three of their teams managed to secure first positions in their respective divisions, resulting in promotion.

However, the promotion of the second team into the same division as the first team has stirred up quite a challenge.

League championship rules of the Glamorgan Ladies Golf Association state: “if a club has two teams in the same division competing against each other, each team must be nominated before the first League match… The two teams in the same division must play their home and away matches before any other matches.”

Emma Greenslade, the incoming captain of the first team expressed her anticipation for the upcoming match.

She said: "Glamorganshire has a thriving ladies section with four teams and over 100 female members, and it is amazing to have the first and second teams both in Division 2 for the Glamorgan and Monmouthshire Ladies County Golf League.

"I'm sure a promotion to Division 1 is on the horizon by the end of the season, and I look forward to being this year’s first team captain.

"The first game of the season is Glamorganshire 1 vs. Glamorganshire 2.

"Now all we need is the rain to stop!"

Meanwhile, Jan Carling, captain of the second team, is no less enthusiastic about her team's performance.

She said: "The second team has played amazingly well and I am very proud of them.

"After three promotions in three years we are thrilled to be in Division 2.

"It will be a great challenge to play against the first team, but we are looking forward to it and will relish a victory when it happens - watch this space!"

Meanwhile, the third and fourth teams have been promoted to Division 4 East and Division 7 East respectively.