The Belle Vue Bowling Club drew one match and suffered three defeats in a series of lively friendlies throughout late April and early May, with many newcomers getting in on the action.

On Wednesday, April 24, a team from Penarth Rectory completed a 79-49 win. Despite the loss, the match was notable for six female players participating, with four making their inaugural appearances. Post-match analysis pointed out that all newcomers performed admirably.

Their efforts were not only appreciated by club members but also by the competitors who generously provided guidance on match regulations. It's expected that sharpening their skills on the home green will lead to improved future performances.

Just a week later, the home turf was once more the venue as the Belle Vue bowlers contested a tight tussle against Barry Romilly. In contrast to the soaking conditions that dominated play, spirits remained elevated.

A 51-59 scoreline speaks of a closely fought match. The composition of the teams was four teams of four players each.

Despite the sodden conditions and narrower loss, enjoyment was high, with a post-match meet-up deemed a roaring success.

Barry Athletic proved a formidable away opponent on Wednesday, May 8, the match culminating in a 161-38 defeat for Belle Vue.

Key takeaways from the event hinged on the distinguished difference in bounce and speed of the Barry green in comparison to Belle Vue's own.

Post-match reflection saw this fixture recognised as a steep but beneficial learning curve, with the vast majority relishing their away experience, viewing it as an educational opportunity.

The most recent clash featured a friendly away meet with Sully Sports on Saturday May 11, a match that concluded in an honourable draw.

The weather and the venue both drew high praise, and a feast at match's end was a befitting close to a day of convivial rivalry. Comment was made on how players, many of them first-timers, were learning to adapt to differing greens.

There's a sense of steady improvement and a taste for enhanced performance forthcoming. Across all four meetings, the common thread was enjoyment and camaraderie.

Every match was a chance for players, particularly newcomers, to acquire and refine their bowling skills. Alongside the sport, socialising with like-minded enthusiasts was cherished, with positive feedback on the post-match discussions.