The annual Barbarian Golf Weekend recently took place at The Glamorganshire Golf Club.

Celebrating the club's storied tradition, the event traces back to 1901 when the Barbarians – the invitational rugby club – visited the golfing grounds annually during their Easter Weekend tours.

A highlight of the rugby calendar, the Barbarian Football Club, affectionately known as the ‘Baa-Baas’, comprises top British players from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Previously, the team's jam-packed holiday itinerary included matches against Penarth, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and East Midlands.

However, the Barbarians also reserved the Easter Sunday each year for golf.

But, in 1996, this tradition went on a hiatus only to be revived by Eirian "Yan" Owens, a former men's captain, in 1998.

Now, a total of seven teams compete in the weekend competition, encompassing both local players and ex-professionals from across the UK.

The Men’s Captain of The Glamorganshire also brings in a side composed of club members.

This year's Barbarian Cup concluded Saturday, May 11, under crystal clear skies.

After three players drew on Saturday, Rhys Fford emerged victorious, beating his father, Simon Fford, and James Barnett in an 18-hole playoff.

Amid an impressive thunderstorm on Sunday, May 12, local rugby clubs faced off in the Cliff Morgan Trophy and Barbarian Trophy.

The matches were shortened to nine holes due to the weather.

Marking a triumphant moment for the host locale, members of The Glamorganshire Golf Club – Nigel Day, Rhys Fford, Richard Hughes, and Phil Harris – clinched the Barbarian Trophy.

Adding to their winning streak, Nigel Day and Rhys Fford secured the Cliff Morgan Trophy with 30 Stableford points.

The Sunday morning also saw a Texas scramble format, won by Adam Reid, Rhys Lakin, David Elson, and Jake Lewis.

Rounding off the weekend elegantly, a shimmering dinner saw Brynmor Williams deliver an amusing after-dinner speech.

Paul Brown, Men’s Captain at The Glamorganshire, presented the winners with their awards.

Reminiscently, Steve Cannon handed back the trophy he won in 1996 to the club – a treasured relic sponsored by the Royal Hotel in Cardiff.