It was a disappointing week for Penarth Bowls Club, with two losses.

The first defeat came on May 22 at home to Millwood.

The climate was far from ideal; a cloudy sky, cold wind, and a chill that settled in as evening went on.

Despite the loss, participants from both sides enjoyed the match.

Penarth was unable to field a complete team.

Two of the rinks only had three of the four players needed, while the other two rinks had the full count.

Led by Barry Bagwell, one of the three-member rinks, which included Justine Dyer and Bruce Ford, had a particularly close match.

They unfortunately lost by 15 - 17 points in the last moment.

The other three rinks didn't fare well either, falling to a loss, with Penarth praising the opposition, saying the players were 'great fun, friendly and very helpful' as a number of Penarth members are in their first season.

On May 25, the second loss came during an away match at Rumney.

The bright day saw Penarth put up a good fight but the match ended in a loss.

However, Penarth had a full team this time.

Two rinks, one led by Andy Davies with Jacqui Kempa, Peter Bagwell and Malcolm Thomas and the other one led by Maurice Cox with Justine Dyer, Peter Esseen and Bruce Ford, fought brave battles.

The former managed to advance from a 3-18 deficit to losing by only 16-18, while the latter also pulled up from a 3-11 deficit, only to lose by a narrow 15-17.

Despite the defeat, spirits remained high.

Post-match, everyone gathered at the clubhouse for pastries and drinks to round off the day.

Both defeats were met with grace and camaraderie, adding to the friendly competition of Penarth Bowling Club.