Penarth Belle Vue Bowls Club were out on the road for last week's games, battling valiantly but ultimately suffering two losses.

On June 19, the team faced Penarth (Rectory) in an away game that featured glorious sunshine but a frustrating end result.

Despite a hard-fought match with one of their rinks led by Bruce Ford and featuring Brenda Goodfellow, Roy Brant, and David Bradley, winning, Penarth succumbed to an 88 to 48 loss.

Despite trailing, the players displayed admirable perseverance, constantly contesting the lead until their hosts found the rhythm of their own green and secured the game.

Despite the loss, the team enjoyed the match, praising the hospitable and friendly opposition.

They shared laughter, camaraderie, and pasties at the clubhouse following the game.

Three days later, they faced another defeat, this time away against Murch on June 22.

The match ended in a closer 82-62 loss.

Nevertheless, one of Penarth's rinks saw victory, led by Andy Davies.

Fellow players Peter Bagwell, Maurice Cox and Malcolm Thomas were instrumental in the rink winning 23-10.

The match featured great camaraderie, and the loss was marked by a mere four points on one rink.

Players enjoyed the sunny weather, the friendly banter, and the mutual respect on the field.

Following the clash, both clubs came together to savour food and drinks and recount the close game, marking another enjoyable outing despite the results.

The club's players are optimistic for their return match against Murch at their home turf, Belle Vue, maintaining their sportsman spirit and camaraderie, regardless of the challenge.