LEGION A played home to the Legion B this week and went home with a 6-3 win to start their league campaign.

First blood went to the Legion B with Gareth Davis taking the first pairs with x8 and x2.

Dave Purser and John Huish took the next for the Legion with Dave hitting 100 100 100 101 x20 and a 92 out shot on x18.

Brian Rees scored 121 x6 for the B side. The Legion A took the last pairs with Ian Hartley and D I Davies. Ian scored 100 100 x1 and x8. Simon Paterson scored 140 x2 for the B team.

High scores came from D Hodges 114, S Calway 119 and D I Davies 100.

The A side went on to win four singles with Ian Hartley 180 140 and a 95 out shot on x20, Dave Purser x17, Les Aubrey x20 and D I Davies x3. Winners for the B side were Brian Rees 110 x6 and Simon Paterson x1.

Labour Club played home to the Pilot and only managed to take one point to the Pilot's eight.

Stan Matthews and Steve Turnbull got the Pilot off the mark with Stan on x2 and Steve 100 x20.

Labour took the next with Andre Connell scoring 138 x4 and Chris Connell x20.

Pilot made it 2-1 taking the last pairs with Jack Frost 100 100 x10 and Paul Wingren 100 x20.

High scores for the Labour were J Nortan 100 and M Shire 100.

Pilot won all six singles with Paul 100 140 x8, Jack three tons x20, Steve 100 100 x20, Stan 121 100 x20, Rob 100 x10 and John 10 100 x5.

High scores for the Labour came from Andre 100, J Nortan 100 and M Shire 100.

No result sheet from Coro v Dinas Wanderers.

Games for this week: Bye v Coronation; Legion B v Cogan; Pilot v Legion A; Dinas Wanderers v Labour.

by Double Top