ON Monday, October 8, the Vale of Glamorgan Referees Society (VoGRS) welcomed Show Racism the Red Card’s Jason Webber as guest speaker. This was an honour, as it was the first workshop by SRtRC to a Referees Society in Wales.

Details of the initiative can be found at www.srtrc.org/news/news-and-events

The subject has become a major sports talking point recently with ex-England captain John Terry found guilty by the English FA of making racists remarks .

Coming up shortly, between October 12 and 25, is the Football Against Racism in Europe Fortnight of Action throughout 35 European countries.

As part of this year’s Fortnight, SRtRC wants to help and assist groups who have been excluded from football.

In addition, in Wales, participating clubs will have their individual ‘days of action’ during the period where support from the clubs will assist in educating everyone about racism and its effects. This season will see all Welsh Premier and Welsh League clubs involved with the full support of the FAW.

To put it in simple terms, football is a sport that should be enjoyed by all regardless of their racial or ethnic background. And it's not just cultural differences – homophobia and bullying have also become problems to tackle. The VoGRS wholeheartedly supports SRtRC in their fortnight of action and members will proudly wear Show Racism the Red Card merchandise in support.

As well as the Welsh Premier League, other notable major and local matches where the Fortnight of Action is to be featured are on Saturday, October 20, Swansea City V Wigan Athletic (Barclays Premier League); Friday, October 26, Ton Pentre v Barry Town (Welsh League); and SRtRC Legends v FAW at Newport County Stadium (7.30pm kick off and free entry); followed by Saturday, October 27, Cardiff City V Burnley (Football League Championship).

Andrew Howard, the FAW Head of Competitions (who has strong Vale connections), has stated: “The Fortnight of Action, which Show Racism the Red Card co-ordinates in Wales, is a hugely important event in the Football Calendar. The FAW believes that the support from its clubs during this campaign will help to educate and re-educate football fans of all ages."

There is further action planned between November 14 and 20, which is Anti-Bullying week.

The SRtRC team have made great strides in Wales with their efforts in supporting and making football an enjoyable experience. Their efforts are fully endorsed and supported by the VoGRS.

* To join in the action and show support through obtaining merchadise go to their website www.srtrc.org/home or contact Jason Webber at jason@theredcardwales.org

* VoGRS can be contacted via their website http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/valeofglamorganrefereessociety/ or on email vogrs@hotmail.co.uk