RYAN Giggs insists his commitment to Welsh football should not be questioned and he’s vowed to silence his critics by winning games and giving everything to the cause.

The appointment of Giggs as successor to Chris Coleman has been met with a wave of negativity from some Wales fans.

Many supporters are angry at Giggs’ habit of withdrawing from squads as a player and the new national boss is aware that he has to convince many people that he is the right man for the job.

“I expect that people in football have got different opinions. Some will support you, some won’t,” said Giggs.

“The only way to change their mind is to give it your all, which I intend to do.

“I intend to be successful, I intend to win games and that’s all I can do. Everything else is out of my hands.

“The people who have got an opinion of me not giving my all, I can promise you that I did when I played for Wales and I’ll continue to do that as Welsh manager.”

Giggs, the most decorated player in the history of British football, should certainly have the respect of the playing squad.

And he intends to speak with captain Ashley Williams and star men Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey as soon as possible.

“I’ve not spoken to any yet but I will speak to Ashley,” he said.

“It is about tapping in to his thoughts and what was working and what could be better.

“These are thing I will learn along the way. You are going to make mistakes, but sometimes you need to make mistakes to learn and move forward.”

He continued: “Over the coming days I will speak to all the experienced players. Why wouldn't you?

“I want to tap into the good experiences they've had and maybe the things that frustrated.

“I might take the advice, I might not. But you want to get as much knowledge and get as much background as the things that have worked over the last few years.”

Giggs has previously been linked with the manager’s jobs at Premier League clubs Swansea City and Stoke City but he insists that Wales is not a stepping stone for him.

“When I was [interim] manager of Manchester United it superseded anything I did as a player, because it is different, a different feeling,” he said.

“As a footballer it is what you do, you’ve done it since you can walk and you just go out and play.

“Managing and looking after your coaching staff and your players, the responsibility you’ve got for your fans, it is completely different.

“It is a responsibility I don’t take lightly and I am looking forward to it.

“There are going to be stresses, there are going to be highs and lows, but I am looking forward to it.”