In July 1971 police swooped on a house in Windsor Road, Penarth, after the occupants were found to be smoking cannabis. Police found reefer cigarette ends and stolen items at the property. Four people admitted handling a cloth bag containing a jade ashtray, silver cutlery, ornamental pig, jade monkey, brass bell, magnifying glass and alarm clock. Magistrates placed all four Defendents on probation for two years on condition they receive treatment 'as prescribed by their doctors'.

Dinas Powis Choral Society honoured resident Mr Arthur Smith who reached the age of 100 that year. He celebrated with friends and family with a buffet, received many cards including his telegram from the Queen and enjoyed music from the choir.

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Meanwhile, Chairman of Penarth Council's parks committee, Cllr Harold Toye, came out strongly against proposals to use allotment land in the town for housing. The site at Cogan Hill was being earmarked for 39 flats but Cllr Toye argued the town was short of allotment land. He said: "It is so easy to come along and take allotment land because it is handy. This is awfully wrong."

In the cinema The Railway Children was on show at the Washington in Penarth.

On TV you could watch Upstairs, Downstairs, Sesame Street or Parkinson.