WALKING and cycling charity Sustrans Cymru and the Vale of Glamorgan Council are working with Fairfield Primary School to reduce congestion and improve air quality on the streets surrounding the school.

The project, Fairfield Primary School Street Design, involves pupils and local residents playing an important role in identifying the issues and developing a plan to address problems such as traffic congestion during the school run and air pollution. The project aims to create a safer, more pleasant environment for walking, wheeling and cycling.

Sustrans have held a series of workshops for pupils, parents, staff, and local residents to develop ideas for improving the streets around the school.


Based on the feedback from parents, residents and children so far, three key areas have been highlighted regarding where people feel the biggest need for improvement are: Dryden Road, the Tennyson Road shop area and the length of Wordsworth Avenue.

Further information can be found at the project website here.