RESIDENTS living around an area of Penarth known locally as 'Poet's Corner' have said that a recent increase in anti-social behaviour is "spoiling" the area.

Since February 1, there have been several reports of anti-social behaviour caused by youths along Wordsworth Avenue and the surrounding area.

There has been graffiti on walls and in the nearby play park, as well as reports of smashed car wing mirrors and other property damage.

The culprits are reportedly a group of around 15 young people aged approximately 12-15 years old.

One resident said: "I haven't been up to the park for four weeks, they're spoiling it.

"The other day they were picking up bin bags and throwing all the food waste.

"The police have been very good and get there within 15 minutes."

The resident said that their property had been damaged before, but, despite confronting the youths, it had continued to occur.

They advocated more police patrols and making more supervised activities available for the youths.

They said: "Maybe they could have somehere they can go with adults that can supervise them.

"There needs to be a police presence."

The incidents have been reported to the police and the Vale of Glamorgan Council, with the council reportedly advising residents report the incidents and call the police.


South Wales Police said they have listened to concerns from residents and have increased patrols in the area.

A South Wales Police spokesman said: "Since February 1, police in Penarth have received three reports of criminal damage and two of anti-social behaviour in the area.

"These are still under investigation.

"The local Neighbourhood Policing Team has initiated increased patrols in the area to prevent further incidents.

"Members of the community are urged to report any incident of anti-social behaviour  they witness as that information will help us to investigate the cause of the issue and minimise the risk of it happening again."

They advise residents to get in touch via 101, on Facebook or Twitter, via email at or to fill in an online form at their website here.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has been approached for comment.