AFTER our article 'Lavernock and Sully resident fumes at Penarth ward plans', a resident of the area explained their fears.

Read the letter, below.

Dear Sir/Madame

I would respond to the article “Fears over Boundary” (Penarth Times September 14)  where Penarth Town Council is in favour of the Boundary Commission proposals to move Lavernock and Cosmeston residents from Sully and Lavernock Community Council to Penarth Town Council (PTC). 

PTC justifies this move, with their spokesperson saying: “The reality is that many residents of Lavernock already use the services and infrastructure of Penarth for which the town council has not received any additional funding.” 

Surely this applies to anyone visiting Penarth who are not residents, such as from Cardiff, Dinas Powys, LLandough and anywhere in the UK or indeed outside?

So what are these PTC services and infrastructure? 

It cannot be the Parks, the Pier and Esplanade, Library, etc, which are the responsibility of the Vale Council and which Lavernock and Cosmeston residents pay council tax to.

Looking on the PTC website it says they look after bereavement services, allotments, and venues such as the Paget Rooms, Turner House and West House and Gardens.

If non-residents of Penarth wish to buy a plot in Penarth cemetery they have to pay twice the amount that residents of Penarth do.

Only if you live in Penarth can you apply for an allotment, although the waiting list is closed as there are no plots available.

If you live outside of Penarth and want to use the facilities of the PTC venues then you pay your hire/entrance fee for the privilege.

So I cannot see what PTC services being used by non-Penarthians are detrimental to the funding of Penarth Town Council.

Penarth also has the Penarth Summer Festival, Penarth in Bloom, Picnic Penarth and the Christmas Festival.

It is not just residents of Lavernock and Cosmeston who attend these events?

Anyone in the UK can visit free, not just the neighbours of Penarth.

So I am at a loss to understand how PTC justifies their reasons why Lavernock and Cosmeston residents need to be transferred to their council and have to pay 113 per cent increase in their community council tax.

If Sully and Lavernock Community Council took the same attitude as PTC they would charge Penarth residents an entry fee for the use of Cosmeston Country Park and the Medieval Village.

Such a silly idea.

Jon Dewis

Cosmeston Cottage