PHOTOS show litter floating in the water as flooding hit one of the town’s busiest streets.

We reported flash flooding in Penarth along one of the town’s busiest thoroughfares back in August, and it happened again today, November 9!

Watch as cars tackle with flooding, below

Penarth Times: There was flooding in Penarth todayThere was flooding in Penarth today (Image: Supplied)

It’s notorious for sudden build-ups of water on Windsor Road at the bottom of the hill just before Cogan train station and today residents said the water got to 18” high.

The reason for the sudden build-up is the drains being overwhelmed when there is a heavy downpour combined with leaves.

Penarth Times: Heavy downpours combined with leaves blocking drains caused the floodingHeavy downpours combined with leaves blocking drains caused the flooding (Image: Supplied)

Penarth is kind to trees, one of the town's most enduring attributes is the strength of its green setting, however there is a dark (leafy) side to this story, especially at this time of year…

When the leaves drop – and there’s a lot of them – they clog up the drain openings and at the bottom of Cogan Hill it all comes to a head.

Penarth Times: We reported on the issue back in AugustWe reported on the issue back in August (Image: Newsquest)

The resident who sent in the photos said: “It’s all coming from Dingle and marina roundabout.

“I can’t open my gate as water is 18” on the pavement.”

Penarth Times: Residents say the water was 18' highResidents say the water was 18' high (Image: Supplied)

The gates in question are specially designed watertight gates, installed on houses at the bottom of Cogan Hill.

The resident, who didn’t want to be named, went on to say the council need to do more to clear the leaves.

“Leaves were covering all drains and pavements up to Penarth,” said the resident.

“I don’t think they (the Vale Council) ever clear them and we then get the worst of it.”

Penarth Times: It was a 'driech' day in PenarthIt was a 'driech' day in Penarth (Image: Newsquest)

To be fair to them, Vale Council officials arrived promptly and cleared the blockage, allowing the water build-up to release.

Windsor Road is a crucial transport line for Penarth being one of only two main roads that lead over the bridge and into and out of Cardiff.

The council has been contacted for comment and we await their response.

What do you think about the leaves on the pavements? Do they need to be picked up by the council? Should residents get proactive and clear the leaves in front of their house? Let us know, emailing