A RADIO scheme is being launched in a bid to reduce crime in Penarth following a spate of burglaries in the town.

Penarth Resident and key account manager of MRS Communications LTD Carl Duarte is launching the scheme in partnership with Penarth PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Luke Short.

The radio link scheme will aim to prevent retail crime and anti-social behaviour through effective communication with retailers in the event of any criminal activities taking place.

Mr Duarte said: “Being a resident of Penarth myself, it’s a real pleasure to assist Luke with this scheme.

“From my initial meeting with Luke, I could see his proactive and engaging approach with the retailers, which will undoubtedly be a huge benefit in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

“The more retailers signed up the better for the safety of Penarth town centre."

Mr Duarte and Mr Short were due to start the scheme in 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown hit.

An aerial was installed in Penarth, and now three years later the Radio Link scheme has started again.

Two businesses have already signed up for the scheme, amid the rise in shoplifting and several burglaries in the town centre.

Both Boots and Funky Monkey on Windsor Road are the first businesses to sign up for the radio link scheme.

Mr Duarte added: “Luke is looking to get more retailers involved after Boots and Funky Monkey signed up to the scheme.

“Shoplifting has been a daily occurrence in the area with people taking Ikea bags into shops and stealing items.

“We hope the scheme will help retailers help themselves to reduce or prevent any sort of crime from happening.”

As part of the scheme, Mr Short will carry a radio whilst out on patrol to have instant communications with retailers in the area.

Mr Short added: "The idea is for us to walk around Penarth as often as we can, but we are not always going to be there on time. 

"Let's say there could be a possible shoplifting incident taking place, shops can radio me and I will be there as soon as I can.

"I will walk around Penarth most days, and when I am not in the Cardiff Bay team will look to do the same. 

"It will take a little time to get off its feet, we need as many shops in Penarth to sign up for it to work successfully and hopefully it will help reduce crime in the area."

Retailers will be able to report any suspicious behaviour or anti-social behaviour to other businesses in the area along with Mr Short.