A CRAFTY Devil pub is attempting to crowdfund £20,000 as it struggles to tackle what it describes as ‘unprecedented challenges’.

Crafty Devil Canton in Cardiff needs the eye-watering amount to help manage debt and give the venue essential maintenance and improvements.

Drinkers in Penarth will be well aware there is a Crafty Devil pub on Windsor Road, with CD Penarth having been in town five years, compared to the nine years there has been a Craft Devil boozer in Canton.

The news about the Canton venue made us wonder; is CD Penarth also at threat?

What’s the future hold for Crafty Devil pub Penarth after Crafty Devil Canton needs desperate support?

For Penarth ale drinkers, they can wipe the beer-induced sweat off their brows after manager of CD Penarth Andrew Rawlings ensured us beer drinking business in Wales’ best seaside town is booming – in fact, when we were there on Sunday, February 18, Mr Rawlings said they were running out of beer…

We also asked about the relationship between Canton’s CD pub and Penarth’s, with Mr Rawlings explaining it’s like two different people shopping at the same Tescos.

To put it another way, CD Canton and CD Penarth are two separate businesses that use the same brewer and branding – Craft Devil Brewery Cardiff.

CD Penarth recently made the news with the special burger business it’s teamed up with.

Brothers Tomos and Sion Hill have set up Tom’s Smash Burgers and we went to try them ahead of the Six Nations. See what we thought about the burgers, clicking here.

Penarth Times: Manager Andrew Rawlings (right) says it's all going well at Crafty Devil in PenarthManager Andrew Rawlings (right) says it's all going well at Crafty Devil in Penarth (Image: Newsquest)

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Crafty Devil pub Canton crowdfunds £20,000 after 'seriously struggling with financial pressures'

Crafty Devil Canton opened in October 2014. It started as a bottle shop and part-time bar before evolving into a community-driven tap room for Crafty Devil Brewery, located right in the heart of Canton.

On its struggles, Crafty Devil Canton said: “Like many in the hospitality industry, we've faced unprecedented challenges over the past four years. From the immediate impacts of Brexit, enduring Covid, navigating massive energy price rises, and we now find ourselves grappling with the ongoing cost of living crises affecting everyone and causing many small independent businesses to close.

“During this journey, we've incurred additional debts, struggled with working capital, and had to make tough decisions to cut costs.”

Penarth Times: Crafty Devil on Llandaff Road, Canton, CardiffCrafty Devil on Llandaff Road, Canton, Cardiff (Image: Google Maps)

On why they need the £20,000, Crafty Devil Canton said: “We're launching a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of £20,000 to help manage debt, boost our working capital, and give our beloved venue some essential maintenance and improvements.”

As of writing the bar has reached almost £13,000.

Crafty Devil Canton finished by saying any help they get will be massive.

“If, thanks to your support, we achieve our target, the financial impact is simply massive.

“It will take us from a business seriously struggling with financial pressures, forced on us over these past few years, to a business that is secure and prepared for a bright future.”

To support Crafty Devil Canton and see what special deals they are offering for certain amounts of money going to the crowdfund, go to: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/save-the-cellar#/?fbclid=PAAaabV2eAsyqF02BzEBDe-P-c7OJ4J4ydvlnNy2DQ5VIWHeuNU9bfaxY_9s4_aem_AZGCQPHvtZk67eSjUHNs8tC7O7yQY6jPz-m-HLVE7GKcbvjNSt53goivBO1FyJegmas

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