A MAN remains in custody while a radio link system is trialled after a crucial meeting was held between Penarth businesses and the police over the spate of burglaries that has blighted the town.

“Perfect Penarth” might feel like the country village where everyone knows your name, but the town has been blighted by a litany of thefts in recent months.

Penarth Athletic Club, Penarth Lawn Tennis Club and Spencer’s Shoe Repair were all broken into in November 2023.

In an extraordinary two-week period in September last year, Allan Sadler, Foxy’s Deli, Tony’s Taste of Italy, Windsor Castle, Café 64, Pizza Pronto and a business on Terra Nova Way were all broken into.

Previously, during a town council meeting update, police said they were surprised how many properties in Penarth are left open and urged people not to forget to lock their doors.

In the latest meeting, held on February 19, South Wales Police officers met with shop owners – some of whom said they feel like sitting ducks waiting for their store to be targeted.

On the meeting, a South Wales Police spokesperson said: “Penarth Neighbourhood Policing Team met with the town’s business group on Monday evening, February 19, at Courts to update them on the on-going investigation into commercial burglaries.

“In the autumn, approximately 20 businesses were broken into or were subject to attempted burglary.

“One man was arrested in connection with the burglaries and due to a breach in his licencing conditions, was recalled to prison.

“He remains in custody and enquiries are continuing.

“To further reduce crime, Penarth PCSO Luke Short is working on a radio link scheme to ensure effective communication with retailers in the event of criminal activity.”

Penarth Times: Police met with businesses at Courts on February 19Police met with businesses at Courts on February 19 (Image: Google Maps)

Penarth independent retailers’ struggles against the thieves

While having your goods stolen will hurt any business, it really does hurt that little bit more for independent retailers – something Penarth high street is proud of.

Owners of the Hamptons on Ludlow Lane, Andy Bradshaw and Peter Knowles said it was just one busy day in the run-up to Christmas when a person came in and stole £500 worth of goods from the shelves right under the store staff’s noses.

Mr Knowles said the burglar deliberately chose a busy time to strike.

He said it’s tricky to balance staff safety with tackling the thieves.

His advice was to try make contact with everyone who walks into your store – a polite ‘hello, how are you’, let them know you’re aware they are there.

Penarth Times: Peter Knowles (right) with business partner Andy Bradshaw. The pairs' other store Hamptons has £500 of goods stolenPeter Knowles (right) with business partner Andy Bradshaw. The pairs' other store Hamptons has £500 of goods stolen (Image: Newsquest)

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Mr Knowles told Penarth Times: “It’s difficult because you have to become more vigilant in watching people, but you don’t want them to feel unwelcome.”

One type of people who were not welcome warned Mr Knowles, were thieves.

“They are not welcome,” said Mr Knowles. “The people of our town will not put up with Penarth being treated in this way.”

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