THE manager of a Penarth gym that could be turned into a major wine retailer says she is confident the fitness enthusiasts are staying and the wine drinkers are going to have to find someone else to bulk buy their pinot.

It’s been written about aplenty the battle between the cross trainer and the chardonnay as wine merchants Majestic were part of an application to take over the premise at Anytime Fitness on Windsor Road.

With highly confidential commercial and legal discussions apparently ongoing, manager of the gym Rae Carpenter has only hinted at what the outcome of the long-running saga could be saying she is “confident” the gym is going nowhere.

One thing for certain was the gratitude Ms Carpenter and fellow gym staff Kurt Andrews, Liam Hatch and James Darlington had for all the support they have been getting since it came to light that Anytime could be leaving Penarth.

Petition ‘Save Penarth's Gym!’ on website 38degrees has reached almost 900 signatures as of writing, there's an Instagram page been set up called ‘saveourgympenarth’ and there’s been an outpouring of anger after local councillors supported the application to change the use of premise of the ground floor of Moorwell Building on Windsor Road from gym to retail.

Penarth Times: The Anytime Fitness in PenarthThe Anytime Fitness in Penarth (Image: Newsquest)

There’s now even been a letter, written by Majestic CEO John Colley addressing the Majestic Anytime saga where he says Majestic has only acted in “good faith” during the process.

Despite all this, one thing Ms Carpenter was laser-focused on was the gratitude towards her gym members for their support of Anytime Fitness Penarth.

“We have been overwhelmed and taken aback by the support we are getting,” said Ms Carpenter, “and we are holding on to that at the moment.”

Penarth Times: Is Majestic coming to Penarth?Is Majestic coming to Penarth? (Image: Majestic)

Ms Carpenter revealed the gym staff knew nothing about the change of use application and it has been stressful keeping a positive vibe in the gym, with the threat of job losses hanging over staffs’ heads.

“It has been stressful,” said Ms Carpenter. “However we are really lucky that as a team we are supportive of each other and we love what we do.”

Penarth Times: Gym manager Rae Carpenter, centre, shed some light on the situationGym manager Rae Carpenter, centre, shed some light on the situation (Image: Newsquest)

Anytime Fitness users were surprised that, in October last year, their 24-hour gym was closed when the landlord came in and changed the locks claiming the lease had been forfeited.

Ms Carpenter addressed this period saying a lot had been learnt on both sides.

“That is something that will never happen again,” assured Ms Carpenter. “Promises were not adhered to. It was difficult to feel you were not being listened to.

“The situation was complex and could have taken months and months to rectify. We got it done in ten days.”

Penarth Times: Anytime Fitness abruptly closed in October 2023Anytime Fitness abruptly closed in October 2023 (Image: Newsquest)

Penarth Times: Gym trainers form left: Rae Carpenter, Kurt Andrews, Liam Hatch and James Darlington Gym trainers form left: Rae Carpenter, Kurt Andrews, Liam Hatch and James Darlington (Image: Anytime Fitness Penarth Instagram)

Read more on the Anytime Fitness saga, here:

On the future of Anytime in Penarth, Ms Carpenter remained confident the gym was going nowhere.

“Right now we are here, we want to be here, the community wants us to be here and I am confident Anytime is not leaving Penarth.”

As of writing, Majestic continue to decline to comment on the on-going situation.

Anytime Fitness has been contacted about potentially taking over the franchise in Penarth.

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