A WOODLAND town status, that is the target of Penarth Civic Society in collaboration with the Vale Council to turn Penarth, (or better termed; keep Penarth) as a green utopia.

The Vale is the garden of Wales, and Penarth the garden of the garden of Wales with the townsfolk proud of its strong tree heritage.

Striking vestas of dense vegetation right next to the stark cliff line of Penarth Head take visitors and residents’ breath away alike, and, despite the national obsession with house building, there is a plan in place to protect trees in the county.

In January, many local residents were concerned when two giant cypress trees were cut down at Alexandra Park (since been replaced).

It’s all part of the plan, we are told – the “Vale of Glamorgan tree strategy plan 2024-2039”.

It was something discussed at a recent meeting held by Penarth Civic Society on March 14 at St Augustine Hall.

We spoke to chair Anne Evans who explained a few years ago the society asked members what their biggest concern was for Penarth – and the reply was; protecting the town’s trees.

Ms Evans says the society is looking forward to working with the council with a key aim to increase “canopy coverage in the town” – the benefits including providing shade as summers get hotter, as well as biodiversity benefits.

And Ms Evans said it’s also about mental wellbeing, with the PCS chair describing the health benefits of living by trees.

Penarth Times: At the start of the year, residents' were surprised to see two mature trees removed from popular Alexandra ParkAt the start of the year, residents' were surprised to see two mature trees removed from popular Alexandra Park (Image: Penarth Civic Society)

What does the Vale of Glamorgan tree strategy 2024-2039 actually aim to do?

The “Vale of Glamorgan Tree Strategy” looks at how to protect, manage and increase tree canopy cover to build resilience and help address climate change.

The strategy has extensive aims, a key one being to plant a minimum of 1,500 trees annually, which will include a minimum of 500 standards (2m tall trees), in predetermined targeted areas (right tree, right place), across the council estate.

Penarth Times: A recent meeting was held on Vale Council's tree strategyA recent meeting was held on Vale Council's tree strategy (Image: Penarth Civic Society)

Penarth Times: Penarthians; proud of the town's strong tree heritagePenarthians; proud of the town's strong tree heritage (Image: Google Maps)

Ms Evans described PCS’s ultimate goal, saying: “What we want to achieve for Penarth is a ‘woodland town status’ which means 20 per cent tree canopy cover."

Ms Evans also gave an opinion on the huge housing development that could be built at Upper Cosmeston Farm, pragmatically saying, if it’s going to happen, the society will be there to help ensure it is done in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

What's your thoughts on Penarth's trees? Essential? Nuisance? Too many? Too few? Want more sun, or more shade? 

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Take a closer look at the Vale's tree strategy 2024-239 by going to https://participate.valeofglamorgan.gov.uk/draft-tree-strategy.