AN independent business owner in Penarth who announced times were so difficult he was going to close in July, has said he is determined to battle on because of all the well wishes he received after the shock announcement.

Apothecary 64 owner and candle maker Craig Parker-Trott revealed on April 25 that after four years at Cornerswell Road he was going to close the store.

In the post, Mr Parker-Trott wrote: “With the lack of sales, it’s now becoming a negative drain on my creativity.

“I absolutely love my business, but if you don’t then there is simply no point in running it.

“First thing I want to say is - a huge thank you for the people I see weekly/monthly and those I don’t see often that drop a few hundred quid!”

The post has since been taken down, however, what is still very much in the ether is Mr Parker-Trott’s extraordinary response to Penarth Times' story which he filmed in reply to a PT Facebook post.

In the video Mr Parker-Trott candidly spoke of his dedication to his business and how that famous line “not personal, just business” isn’t true.

Mr Parker-Trott said: “For those who say business is not personal, it is personal because it is what we are, I put everything into it.”

Penarth Times: Candle makers and incense seller Apothecary 64 on Cornerswell RoadCandle makers and incense seller Apothecary 64 on Cornerswell Road (Image: Google Maps)

In response to the video, residents from as far a field as Monmouth posted their well wishes and disappointment about Mr Parker-Trott’s decision.

One person said: “Totally gutted, you know I love your products, they last and are well-priced. You have worked so hard to make this shop special. Big hug and see you soon.”

Another said: “Oh no such a lovely shop. Wishing you all the best.”

And another added: “I am a newish customer and have bought your candles as presents, which are loved.”

Now, in response to all these messages, Mr Parker-Trott is determined to keep his business going.

We visited him at his unique and incredible smelling store (trust us, when you visit, you’ll be amazed by the smell of his candles), and he explained how he now sees the future a little different to the black and white conclusion of opening and closing.

“July is the benchmark,” said Mr Parker-Trott. “I am not going to close the business, but I need to look at what the business looks like going forward.”

One thing Mr Parker-Trott continued to emphasise throughout the interview was encouraging people to shop locally.

On this, Mr Parker-Trott said: “We have really great independent businesses and makers in the Vale and it is about supporting them, and that doesn’t mean just coming in and buying things, there are other ways you can support them.

“Follow them on social media, spread the word, give them a review on Google, these are ways to support without having to spend money.”

And on that note – find out more about Apothecary 64 on their Facebook page, clicking, here.