RECENTLY we celebrated the town’s stores that won big at the Welsh Independent Retail Awards 2024. We also made a shout out to stores that were recognised to get in touch and one did, a very special bike shop...

Did you know that a Penarth bike shop has won ‘independent bike shop of the year’ in Wales two times on the bounce? And did you know the man behind it was a desert mountain biker in Tucson Arizona who came across to Wales to help set up 118 118 (remember the two men in the interesting running apparel?)

Well, that man is Mr Karey Sharp and it’s good news for the town, and particularly the town’s cyclists that Mr Sharp moved away from ‘director of customer experience’ and into the bike game.

The Bike Shop on Glebe Shop is a special bike shop, and a real bike shop, and it’s probably ‘real’ that's the operative word here.

I’ve had experience at The Bike Shop (they helped repair a peddle for me) and what I liked about it was that ‘real’ set up.

The bike shop team: Karey Sharp (centre), and Chris and Ryan BluntThe Bike Shop team: Karey Sharp (centre), and Chris and Ryan Blunt (Image: Newsquest)

When you walk into a bike shop, they’re often the size of a warehouse with “dazzling displays”, however those displays will be accompanied by undazzling prices (these days, you can walk into a bike shop and think you’re paying just by opening the door).

The Bike Shop Penarth doesn’t do that.

“We wanted to be different,” said Mr Sharp. “We wanted to focus on helping people rather than making profit.”

And that sentiment is so true. When I brought my bike to be repaired I was thinking, despite just a peddle needing replaced, the whole frame will probably have to go, however, Mr Sharpe coolly looked at it, when to a box of spare parts the shop keeps, found a peddle that worked, put it on and I was on my way in 20 minutes (and still had enough money left over to pay my rent...)

But seriously, The Bike Shop do a good job at a very reasonable price and it’s all down to the ethos.

“I left 118 and wanted to pursue something else,” explained Mr Sharp. “I was passionate about bikes and felt strongly that working on bikes would be a positive contribution to society.”

The Bike Shop on Glebe StreetThe Bike Shop on Glebe Street (Image: Newsquest)

Immediately after the award win, Mr Sharp went on to say: “We are wonderfully honoured to have been selected as the Welsh Independent Bike Shop of the Year for 2024.

“We have such an amazing team, and we love being part of this dynamic community where we are able to provide the products and services that people can rely on.”

A spokesperson for the awards said: “The Bike Shop Wales in Penarth was one of the finalists in the Bike Shop of the Year category.  The competition was fierce, but they received the recognition and took the trophy home.”

A special storeA special store (Image: Newsquest)

The Bike Shop; aiming to good for the communityThe Bike Shop; aiming to good for the community (Image: Newsquest)

Other Penarth shop winners at the Welsh Independent Retail Awards 2024

Independent candle maker Apothecary 64 on Cornerswell Road, recognisedIndependent candle maker Apothecary 64 on Cornerswell Road, recognised (Image: Newsquest)

Penarth had a bundle of winners at this year’s Welsh Independent Retail Awards 2024.

The Queen B Boutique on Stanwell Road won Boutique of the Year.

And Apothecary 64 was recognised as being ‘highly commended’.

Penarth has a proud heritage of independent retail in the town. Were you a business, or do you know of a business in Penarth that was recognised at the Welsh Independent Retail Awards 2024?

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