LABOUR’S Stephen Doughty didn’t retain his seat as much as lock it away in a vault and cement it inside as he took more votes at the July 4 General Election than the closest three rival parties combined.

Could that mean complacency for the new/same MP for Cardiff South and Penarth? Well, that might not be allowed to happen with constituency boundary changes meaning Mr Doughty’s patch got that bit bigger - Dinas Powys is now under his reign.

He’s also got another job on his plate having recently been appointed ‘Minister of State in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’.

When Penarth Times spoke to Mr Doughty after his stunning election win, he said he was determined to work for everyone in his constituency.

“I have been out and about in Dinas and want to get stuck into the area with the community," said Mr Doughty. "I am committed to their concerns and want to help.”

Stephen Doughty in control in Cardiff South and PenarthStephen Doughty in control in Cardiff South and Penarth (Image: PA)

Result: Cardiff South and Penarth in the General Election 2024

  • Stephen Doughty, LABOUR: 17,428
  • Anthony David Slaughter, GREEN: 5,661
  • Ellis Smith, CONSERVATIVE: 5,459
  • Simon Andrew Llewellyn: REFORM: 4,493
  • Sharifah Rahman: PLAID CYRMU: 3,227
  • Alex Wilson: LIB DEM: 2,908

Turnout 53.93%

Where does Penarth rank in his list of priorities? Well, Mr Doughty is aware of residents concerns about the often muted ‘Wellbeing Hub’ development in town

“(On this issue) my priority is that all people in Penarth have access to high quality GPs and health services,” said Mr Doughty.

Mr Doughty did give a hint to his opinion on the idea, describing improving co-operation between primary health care services as good.

“Co-operation between primary health services is a good thing,” said Mr Stephens. “How it's done and where it's done, well we first need to see exact plans to comment further.”

Doughty was for closer connection of health services (Maelfa Wellbeing Hub)Doughty was for closer connection of health services (Maelfa Wellbeing Hub) (Image: Newsquest)

Another hot topic in the town is housing, and one of the most contentious schemes is the house building project on the old farm at Cosmeston.

Again Mr Doughty says he is aware of residents’ concerns and ready to raise them with the relevant authorities.

“I have listened to the community of this subject and worked closely with local councillors,” said Mr Doughty.

There are big plans for housing developments around CosmestonThere are big plans for housing developments around Cosmeston (Image: Supplied)

Back to his new fyffe of Dinas, Mr Doughty described how, on the campaign trail in town, one of the issues extensively highlighted was anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

On the issue, Mr Doughty said: “This will be something I will be taking up with local police, PCSOs, councillors and the police commissioner.”

He added: “Look, we will absolutely be carrying on with the type of representation we have been doing over the last 12 years, working closely alongside community organisations to make sure we can deliver for the people for Penarth and the wider Vale.

“I am hopeful that with the two governments now working together, we will see improvements across the county.”

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