FIVE mature trees have recently been removed from Penarth in what the council describe as “dynamic” woodland management.

‘Perfect Penarth’ is one of Wales’ most iconic seaside towns, with the Victorian charm of the town centre, the pier and the fusion of the rugged coastline and dense vegetation round Penarth Head, all mixed in with stunning views of the Bristol Channel.

The people of Penarth are not just proud of the view though, they are also proud of their trees and in Penarth’s Victorian parks there are some stunners.

However, in January, two of those stunners were removed in one of the town’s busiest parks - Alexandra.

When Penarth Times reported the trees had been cut down, it generated much debate online.

Now, Vale Council has gone into detail about the tree chopping activities round Penarth and why they had to be done.

It comes as the council set up their ‘tree strategy”, whose aims include planting a minimum of 1,500 trees annually, and increasing canopy coverage in the Vale.

Penarth Times: Two mature trees were given the chop at Alexandra Park earlier this yearTwo mature trees were given the chop at Alexandra Park earlier this year (Image: Penarth Civic Society)

On tree cutting activities in Penarth, a council spokesperson said: “Two large pines had to be removed from the lower dingle area. 

“One had fallen completely across the Pram Walk blocking the path. Another had fallen but become hung up in other trees above the same path and required removal for safety reasons.

“Another large pine near to the Garden of Remembrance lost a major limb/leader and had to be removed as it was structurally compromised.

What does the Vale of Glamorgan tree strategy 2024-2039 actually aim to do?

The “Vale of Glamorgan Tree Strategy” looks at how to protect, manage and increase tree canopy cover to build resilience and help address climate change.

The strategy has extensive aims, three key ones being to plant a minimum of 1,500 trees annually, which will include a minimum of 500 standards (2m tall trees), in predetermined targeted areas (right tree, right place), across the council estate.

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Penarth Times: Penarth; A fusion of rugged coast and dense vegetationPenarth; A fusion of rugged coast and dense vegetation (Image: Google Maps)

“There were also two conifers removed on the Top Walk. For this one we had a request from the Penarth Tree Forum and the Civic Society to see if we were able to find a planting area suitable for five or six specimen trees as part of a legacy tree project.

“After discussions we decided it would be a worthy project to replant the line of evergreen trees along the Top Walk. 

“This was part of the original layout and over the years only two of the original trees still remained, both in a fairly poor condition.

“To enable us to replant a complete new feature we made the decision to remove the remaining two and replant with a complete row of five Sequoia. Money for the trees was raised by members of the Penarth Tree Forum.

“Although we don’t have any plans to remove any more trees from Alexandra Park, or any other parks, management of wooded areas is always dynamic.”

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