VALE 50+ Strategy Forum executive meeting was pleased to have as their guest speaker in March Samantha Fairclough, Community Support Services Manager (Wales) Prostate Cancer UK.

Sam explained that prostate cancer mainly affects men over 50, and your risk increases with age. Ethnicity is also a factor with black men more likely to get prostate cancer than any other ethnic background.

In the UK about one in four black men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Family history is also a factor with a man two and a half times more likely to get prostate cancer if your father or brother has been diagnosed with it, compared with a man who has no relatives with prostate cancer.

Sam also went through some of the symptoms that can be a sign of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer UK has launched the ‘ManVan’ in partnership with Tenovus and Movember around areas of Wales to provide a much needed mobile support service.

The 38 foot van will bring one-to-one counselling, couples’ counselling, group support and benefits advice to men living in deprived or hard-to-reach rural areas. There will also be a range of educational talks available for men and local health professionals as well as a huge amount of information for men and their families to take away.

More information on ‘ManVan’ and prostate cancer can be found on Prostate Cancer UK website at or read their booklet ‘Know your prostate: A guide to common prostate problems’ by calling their helpline on 0800 074 8383 to order publications, or speak to a specialist nurse.

You can find more information on the work of the Vale 50+ Strategy Forum by visiting the forum website at or by contacting VOGC. Older People’s Coordinator, John Porter, on 01446 450201