Wales needs the Living Wage

8:27am Thursday 10th April 2014

ACCORDING to the TUC nearly a quarter of all jobs in Wales pay less than the Living Wage.

My right to speak

8:24am Thursday 10th April 2014

MY letter in the Penarth Times on March 20 was to be the first and last about the price of sweets but I must respond to J Rowlands comments saying the Penarth Times should not have done so (Penarth Times, March 27).

The importance of boxing

8:23am Thursday 10th April 2014

MY late father in law Bert Drew devoted his time to the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association (WABA) with the likes of a very young Eddie Thomas, Joey Erskine, Howard Winstone and many many other young boxers. He was a referee and judge and took part in the boxing at the Empire Games in Cardiff.

The St Paul’s con trick

8:21am Thursday 10th April 2014

WHAT can I say of the Vale governance? Nothing complimentary.

BHF thanks

8:07am Thursday 10th April 2014

I AM writing to thank readers for the support so far for British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops’ Spring Clear Out campaign.

Holme Tower charity event success

8:05am Thursday 10th April 2014

MAY I through your newspaper express my sincere thanks to all those who supported our charity event which was held at the Penarth Conservative Club on Saturday afternoon, March 22.

Clubs need to continue invaluable work

Penarth Times: (2463735)

8:00am Thursday 10th April 2014

WITH reference to the article on the possible fate of St Paul’s Church in Penarth (Penarth Times, March 27).

Penarth Lawn Tennis Club celebrate 130 years

Penarth Times: PAST: An old photograph of Penarth Lawn Tennis Club.  (4820721)

10:32am Thursday 3rd April 2014

THE award-winning Penarth Lawn Tennis Club (Tennis Wales Club of the Year) is commemorating its 130th anniversary this year with an exciting new club history project and would like to involve the entire community.

The Cardiff Pals

9:41am Thursday 3rd April 2014

The Cardiff Pals

2015 - It's Penarth's 150th Anniversary!

9:33am Thursday 3rd April 2014

I WONDER if your readers were aware that next year will be the 150th anniversary of the opening of Penarth Docks in 1865 and in effect the establishment of the "new" town of Penarth.

New ideas for Penarth

9:16am Thursday 3rd April 2014

RECENTLY I begun thinking and after the shock of this rare activity wore off, I began to think again.

Oh what a beautiful morning

Penarth Times: THIS beautiful photograph was sent in by Penarth Times reader John Guy of Dinas Road taken of Penarth Pier on an early spring morning.  (4823018)

9:02am Thursday 3rd April 2014

THIS beautiful photograph was sent in by Penarth Times reader John Guy of Dinas Road - taken of Penarth Pier on an early spring morning.

Be proud of pupils who were pleasant and polite

8:58am Thursday 3rd April 2014

AT our recent production of Arthur Miller's play, A View From The Bridge, we had students attend from a number of schools across the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff, as the play was on the GCSE curriculum.

Travellers site has landed Sully in a mess

8:37am Thursday 3rd April 2014

THANK you Councillor Anne Moore for admitting that decisions taken by the Labour controlled council has landed the residents of the village of Sully in "THE MESS THAT YOU NOW FIND YOURSELVES IN" - her own words (Penarth Times, March 20).

Fracking is a good idea

8:23am Thursday 3rd April 2014

I HAVEN'T had time to write in recently having taken the advice of the eco diversity tsar and built a pond to save all the animals disrupted from Archer terrace, it's been a great success. I got up one morning to discover what I thought was a hippopotamus had taken up residence, turned out to be an unusual pig that escaped from the city farm some years ago.

Is Margaret Thatcher your idol?

12:02pm Thursday 27th March 2014

* In reply to Paul Fenton (Penarth Times, March 13).

Thought for the week

9:52am Thursday 27th March 2014

WE have developed a problem with our car over the last year or so.

A useless achievement

8:04am Thursday 27th March 2014

NOW that the 'M4160' relief motorway is now up and running (for the uninformed this refers to the cycle/pedestrian track between the Railway Hotel and Cosmeston Country Park), Councillor Burnett and the Vale Council are to be congratulated on this fine achievement.

It’s up to you

7:59am Thursday 27th March 2014

SO the Labour-led Vale of Glamorgan Council has decided to ramp up our council tax by a further 4.5 per cent.

Parking restrictions there to give everyone a fair chance

7:59am Thursday 27th March 2014

WITH regards to the letter from Paul Fenton "Town needs to revamp parking" (Penarth Times, March 13).

Proud of the children at Albert Road

7:48am Thursday 27th March 2014

I SHOULD be delighted to be of assistance to your correspondent Ms Montefiore who recently asked for information regarding October 11 1963 broadcast of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood (Penarth Times, March 20).

Traveller site in Sully

7:47am Thursday 27th March 2014

IN RESPONSE to Councillor Ann Moore's letter in the last issue of the Penarth Times, on the subject of the gypsy and travellers’ site in Sully (March 20).

Response to Anne Moore

7:44am Thursday 27th March 2014

I WOULD like to respond to the rather hysterical and ill informed letter from Cllr Anne Moore in the pages of your paper last week (Penarth Times, March 20).

Get your facts right

7:41am Thursday 27th March 2014

IN RESPONSE to Councillor Ann Moore’s letter in the last issue of the Penarth Times, on the subject of the Gypsy and Travellers’ Site in Sully.

Lord Mayor's coffee morning

Penarth Times: Mayor's Consort Mrs Jayne Norman, Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan Cllr Margaret Wilkinson and Alan Morgan of Coastwatch

7:41am Thursday 27th March 2014

The Vale of Glamorgan Mayor hosted a coffee morning in aid of the National Coastwatch Institution at Nell's Point, which raised £540.00.

Looking forward to spring

7:18am Thursday 27th March 2014

THE days are getting lighter and the nights are drawing out now and we are all looking forward to the spring.

Get involved in fracking campaign

7:14am Thursday 27th March 2014

As a local resident, I'm pleased that the community in Penarth is starting to wake up to the threat of fracking. Anyone who thinks that fracking couldn't happen in Penarth need look no further than our friends and relatives in Llantrithyd, just 10 miles west. The villagers are putting up stiff resistance to a shale gas exploration site close to the heart of their community.

Generous donation received

8:17am Thursday 20th March 2014

PENARTH & District Scout Council wish to acknowledge the very generous donation from the Clarence Duke of Cambridge Lodge, RAOB.

Boxing club facilities in the Vale

8:09am Thursday 20th March 2014

REGARDS council support for boxing and other sports in the Vale of Glamorgan, Penarth Amateur Boxing Club is losing its premises, Barry Amateur Boxing based at Romilly School has had its funding cancelled by the Vale Council and will lose its premises soon unless another source of funding can be found.

Sweet shop too expensive

8:08am Thursday 20th March 2014

FOUR months ago I gave my grandchildren £5 each to buy some sweets, which they did in a local sweet shop in Penarth. I was amazed how little they got for their money.

Traveller site

8:04am Thursday 20th March 2014

IN response to comments made by Cllr Bob Penrose in the Penarth Times regarding the gypsy traveller site in Hayes Road, I would like to remind Cllr Penrose that his recollection of events is not actually correct (Penarth Times, March 13).

English Language results poorer in Wales

8:03am Thursday 20th March 2014

*An open letter to Huw Lewis AM, Minister for Education, regarding GCSE English results.

Under Milk Wood information needed on recording

7:45am Thursday 20th March 2014

I AM doing some research into a 1964 recording of Under Milk Wood, which included children's songs and singing games, recorded at Albert Road Primary School, Penarth.

Swanning around in the sun

Penarth Times: This wonderful photograph was taken by Penarth Times reader Geoff Francis of Cosmeston Lakes during the recent sunny weather.  (4646072)

7:42am Thursday 20th March 2014

THIS wonderful photograph was taken by Penarth Times reader Geoff Francis of Cosmeston Lakes during the recent sunny weather.

Dreadful Cliff path

7:33am Thursday 20th March 2014

THANK you Robert for helping me when I and my scooter were trapped on the Lavernock cliff path.

Closure would cause distress

7:27am Thursday 20th March 2014

REGARDING the article in Penarth Times of March 6 referring to the potential closure of both sports clubs within St Paul's Church.

Meals on Wheels price hike

7:24am Thursday 20th March 2014

I AM at present receiving Meals on Wheels for which I pay £3.30 for a meal with dessert.

Defribillators in Penarth?

8:47am Thursday 13th March 2014

I AM involved with the Tommy Cooper Society who have recently purchased two defribillators to be located in the new library and the tourist information centre in Caerphilly.

St Paul'sChurch

8:21am Thursday 13th March 2014

IT would seem that our local councillor has forgotten they are there to represent our views..

St Paul's Church Penarth

Penarth Times: EYESORE: St Paul's Church, Penarth

8:20am Thursday 13th March 2014

THE many local residents of St Augustine's Ward in Penarth who voted in favour of allowing the amateur boxing and gym clubs to use the old St Paul's Church may be wondering if the Vale Council have been behaving in a fair, open and helpful manner toward the clubs.

Demise of Penarth Male Voice Choir

8:01am Thursday 13th March 2014

I WAS very saddened to read of the demise of Penarth Male Voice Choir (Penarth Times, February 27).

Parking sharks at Llandough

7:59am Thursday 13th March 2014

ARRIVED at Llandough in cloudburst. Terrible visibility. Much confused by new system but after much toing and froing, discovered several empty parking spaces. With much relief, parked opposite a sign in a language which neither I nor most of my acquaintances could understand. Struggled through the deluge to the hospital as fast as my 80-year-old legs would go.

Twit whoo is at The Fig Tree?

7:53am Thursday 13th March 2014

DINERS enjoying the wonderful 'vegetarian week' cuisine at The Fig Tree, Penarth seafront, on Monday evening (March 3) were amazed to find they too were being observed, as a beautiful barn owl came to peer in.

Town needs to revamp parking

7:39am Thursday 13th March 2014

THE last thing I want to do is to give Sue Knight another opportunity to inflict the Penarth Times with her views which I feel would be more suited to the Guardian newspaper (Penarth Times, February 27).

Thought for the week

7:34am Thursday 13th March 2014

I HAVE been astonished at the change in people since the sun came out over the weekend. Everyone seems uplifted and keen to talk about how nice it is to “see the sun again”.

Dog attack

7:31am Thursday 13th March 2014

ON FRIDAY, February 28, at approximately 11am, I was walking on Penarth Cliff Top with my five year old granddaughter and my border collie, Flye.

Car parking at Llandough Hospital

7:29am Thursday 13th March 2014

ROY Horrobin is right on the inadequate notices about the Llandough Hospital parking scheme run by 'Parking-Eye', so people can be very annoyed at receiving a penalty notice in the post (Penarth Times, February 27).

LDP public meetings

7:19am Thursday 13th March 2014

I WRITE in response to the "Vale leader is criticised over the LDP public meetings no show" article that appeared in the Penarth Times (February 27).

Big breakfast

7:31am Thursday 6th March 2014

THE Penarth Fundraising committee for Cancer Research UK would like to thank everyone who came to the spring fair and helped us raise £511.

Readers encouraged to 'turn their world purple' for epilepsy charity

7:24am Thursday 6th March 2014

I AM writing to ask your readers to support people with epilepsy and celebrate the international day of epilepsy awareness.

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