THE latest meeting of the Dinas Powis Rotary Club at the Hunstman Restaurant in Dinas Powys were very pleased to welcome as their speaker, Peter Nuttall, a Disaster Relief Co-ordinator with RedR.

RedR was founded in 1980 to provide a Register for Engineers for Disaster Relief. This charity provided skilled professional engineers who were needed when disasters happen across the world. RedR continues today, delivering vital training for relief workers and provides skilled professionals to humanitarian programmes throughout he world.

An organisation with HRH the Princess Royal as its president, and a number of the major chartered engineering institutions amongst its patrons. RedR has offices across the world, with RedRuk operating from the United Kingdom.

We heard not only an excellent presentation concerning the history and current actions of RedR, but also a presentation of Peter's own experiences of the reality of working on the ground in disaster hit areas of the world, providing essential immediate assistance and training. A most interesting and moving presentation on the tremendous work this charity provides.

RedR is one of the particular charities nominated by our president Tony Stevens for his year of office.