A PENARTH schoolboy has raised more than £100 for charity by selling his own toys.

Seven-year-old Robert Katchi raised a total of £114 for CAFOD, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, by selling his toys and books online.

He was inspired to raise money after a CAFOD volunteer came to St Joseph’s Primary School to tell the students about the work they do to help people in need overseas. As soon as he got home Robert went through his playroom and gathered up his toys and books. He decided to sell them through Facebook and give all the money to charity.

Robert’s mother, Bernadette, said: “When Robert told me what he wanted to do I was a bit worried that he would not be able to raise any money. "But he was so determined and in the end raised quite a lot for CAFOD.”

After finding out how much he had raised, Robert decided that instead of just sending the money to charity he would buy some CAFOD World Gifts and give something to people in need.

Robert settled on a cow and some chirpy chickens from the World Gifts website. The cows and chickens are locally sourced from wherever they are needed, the owners are given training on how to look after them and immunisation jabs are provided. The livestock will allow families to earn money by selling the eggs and milk from the animals to pay for essentials such as food and school fees. By doing this Robert has really helped improve the lives of communities across the world.

Kieran O’Brien, manager for CAFOD South Wales, said: “It’s inspiring that such a young person would do something so selfless in order to help people across the world who are in need. Robert has done a fantastic job and his gifts will make a real difference to the lives of the families who receive them by giving them a source of income.”