PENARTH Coastguards rescued nine youngsters that had been cut off by the tide on Friday, May 2.

They had been called out to investigate a mysterious object that was seen floating off Penarth Pier at around 8pm.

When they arrived on scene at the pier they observed an object 20 ft long and 300 meters off the pier.

A Penarth Coastguard spokesman said: “At first glance it looked like a large royal fish, a whale, had been caught in a net and was drifting in the estuary, but the object was determined to be a large log. “During the observation, nine youths were seen cut off by tide near the north slipway.

“We quickly advised them not to climb the walls or fence to escape the tide. We opened the contractor gates so they could come off the beach safely. If you see anyone cut off by the tide north of the pier dial 999 and ask for the coastguard”