POLICE are investigating how a car ended up in a ditch off Cardiff Road in Dinas Powys earlier this morning, June 10.

Police, the fire service and ambulance crew were called to Cardiff Road at around 8am on Tuesday morning after a Renault Megane was reported to be causing traffic delays.

Ambulance crew checked that there was nobody in the car, while the fire service ensured that the car was safe and was not at risk of catching alight.

After ambulance crew and the fire service left the scene police directed traffic and waited for the car to be towed away.

PC Steve Powell, who was at the scene, said that it was thought the car had crashed on the bend driving towards Barry overnight.

"We will send an officer to the registered owners address to make enquiries," he said.

"It may have been stolen but we don't know yet."

He added: "If there are no persons at the address we will be sending out a helicopter to sweep the area to ensure the person that was driving in the vehicle is not in one of the fields."