A PENARTH man found hiding in a bush after committing two burglaries while the owners were asleep upstairs has been jailed for 30 months.

James Louie Wroblewski, along with Nathan Richards, pleaded guilty to stealing an iPad, car keys, wallets and mountain bikes worth more than £2,300.

All of the items were stolen from burglaries of premises on Paget Road and Royal Close in Penarth in the early hours of the morning on April 22

Richards was questioned by police after they became suspicious of his behaviour when he was down a lane on a mountain bike, while Wroblewski was later found thanks to a heat seeking search from the police helicopter hiding in a garden bush.

Richards, of Ferry Road in Cardiff, was also found with a left hand glove, while Wroblewski, of Northcliffe, Penarth, was found with a matching right hand glove.

Cardiff Crown Court heard on Thursday, June 12, that they were both under the influence of drink and drugs, with Richards said to have drunken 26 cans of strong lager, at the time of the burglaries.

Mr J Lloyd, who was prosecuting in the case, said that in both burglaries entry was gained through the back door or unlocked patio door.

Mr J Lewis, in mitigation for Richards, said that at the time of the burglaries he was attempting to fund his heroin habit and had drunk 26 cans of strong lager that day.

He added that three weeks prior he had also split from his long term partner, who had previously kept him on the straight and narrow.

He added that since he had been in custody he had attempted to improve his qualifications and tackled his drink and drugs problems.

Mr Adam Sharpe, in mitigation for Wroblewski, said that he had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, entry was not forced in either of the properties, and that all of the items stolen had been recovered.

He added that his only other previous conviction for a dwelling burglary was in July 2011, but that he had been jailed for 32 months for stealing a number of “high value” motor vehicles.

He said that since he had been released on licence he had worked as a scaffolder, car valeter and labourer.

The Recorder of Cardiff Her Honour Judge Eleri Rees said Richards was “caught red handed by police officers alerted to suspicious activity by a passer-by” while Wroblewski was found in a bush.

She added that Wroblewski had a “pretty bad criminal record” of 19 appearances for 23 offences that included drugs and arson, with one for burglary, while Richards had five appearances for 12 matters, but no previous convictions for burglary.

She gave them both credit for pleading guilty at the earlier opportunity and sentenced Wroblewski to 30 months for each offence, to run concurrently, and two years for Richards for each offence, also to run concurrently.

She warned that as it was Wroblewski's second burglary offence on his "third strike" he would face a minimum of two years.

They were also ordered to pay a £120 victim surcharge